Prices of Blowing Machines

Great news for our potential customers searching prices for blowing machines. We present HydroSKY fiber optic cable blowing machine, a high-engineering product manufactured by Allame Makine and specially developed for companies that operate especially in the field of telecommunication and need a fiber optic cable blowing machine. Thanks to its ultra-powerful engine, our machine allows you to blow as many cables as you want through HDPE pipes and reach the opposite side. Thanks to our machine, which saves you labor and effort, the telecommunication company serving across different parts of the world continues to use our HydroSKY machine happily. 

What is HydroSKY?

HydroSKY is a fiber optic cable blowing machine, manufactured by Allame Makine. This machine specially developed for our potential customers searching prices for blowing machines on sale serves to blow fiber optic cables of 6 mm – 24 mm safely into HDPE pipes up to 6,000 meters. HydroSKY gets maximum power from its hydraulic engines (Honda Gx270). Transferring its power to the mechanism, HydroSKY allows you to blow fiber optic cables up to 6,000 meters. HydroSKY, which will enable companies still pushing cables manually to save valuable time, is now on sale at very affordable prices.

Prices of Blowing Machines

Price of Blowing Machine HydroSKY 

HydroSKY generates power at maximum level and uses this power to blow fiber optic cables. It offers competitive prices that companies operating in the telecommunication field should not miss as it is a special product that will expand globally. Already in use in over 70 countries, HydroSKY is now on sale in various regions around the world. Companies searching prices for blowing machines can get in touch with us to get detailed information about our product. Our marketing and sales team will convey all necessary technical information and videos to you and answer all your questions about HydroSKY. Are you ready to make the best investment for your company that serves in the field of telecommunication?


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