DrillSky Cable Blowing Machine

Main Characteristics of machine

Working with drilling machine that can get power from Drilling Machine.

Micro fiber cable blowing machine
Micro fiber cable blowing machine

DrillSKY cable blowing machine works with the drilling machines and gets the pushing power from the external drilling machine.

Also need to reduce the frictional force in the pipe with an external compressor. Suggested air consuption 7 Bar 1-2 m3/min (around 50-70 CFM depend on your duct diameter)

DrillSKY, one of the fast and easy installed fiber optic cable blowing machines, enables you to pull fiber optic cables between 1mm-5mm quickly and reliably.

Our machine, which takes the push force from the drill, pushes the fiber optic cable into the HDPE pipe.

It is easily portable and light in size. Only one person is enough to use the machine.

The machine is delivered ready and installed to our customers and your machine is included in the production by taking only the cable and pipe diameters from our customers.

There is an extra meter counter as included in the machine.

Fiber Optic Cable Diameter Range : 1mm-5mm.
HDPE Duct Diameter Ranges; Adjustable upon request.

The use of Drill Blowing Machine needs many factors to be considered when it is on for operation. Easy to use and simple design for microduct blowing machines machine.

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Burak Sahin
Chairman, Bluewater Corp

DrillSKY Quick Guide Video

It is made of high quality, durable material and, like all our machines, DrillSKY has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 10-year spare parts warranty.

You can contact us for more information.

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