HydroSKY Cable blowing machines

HydroSky Cable Blowing Machine

HydroSKY is a machine that is used to blow fiber optic cables into HDPE pipes, powered by a hydraulic power unit and can work with hydraulic motors. HydroSKY cable blowing machine performs blowing of fiber cables between 6 mm and 24mm.
The hydraulic cable blow machine HydroSKY is the most powerful machine in its class. There is a 9hp (Honda Gx270) gasoline engine on the machine. Also it provides trouble-free performance with the cooling and filtering system in the power unit.

HydroSKY cable blow machine provides 8 liters of oil pressure per minute with 20 liters of hydraulic oil capacity. With its detachable control unit, HydroSKY can easily blow the fiber cable even in difficult conditions.

Its main areas of use are airports, Petro pipelines, Telecom Companies, Outdoor infrastructure and superstructure projects, Fiber infrastructure support centers, industrial fiber optic data centers FTTH – FTTX.

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Up to 180 Meters of Thrust per Minute

It pushes your fiber optic cables (armored or unarmored) up to 180 meters per minute. The recommended amount of speed depends on your cable diameter.

Recommended amount of air pressure 12bar 10m³ / minute (for 40mm Hdpe pipe)

Hydraulic Cable Blow

It performs a great hydraulic cable blow process with its strong structural balance. After 2 hydraulic hoses are attached to the hydraulic power unit, it is easily ready for use. Owing to its ergonomic structure, it is easy to carry everywhere. It adapts to all conditions with its easy-to-use control unit.

There is an extra meter counter in the cabled blow unit.
It is extremely successful in long cable blow processes.
*You can easily throw cables up to 6000 meters with our machine. (This distance is directly related to your project conditions.) Optional water inflow can be added to increase the blow distance.

HydroSKY starts working after connecting the cable blow machine to the compressor with the air hose coupling.

HydroSKY Cable blowing machine Allame

3 Different Belt System (Chain Sets)

Fiber Optic Cable Blow Machine for Your Integrated Projects
Chain Range Sets;
4mm-7mm / 8mm-13mm / 14mm-18mm and 19mm-24mm
Duct size set (can be produced in any diameter optionally)

All equipment and supporter apparatus required for your projects are provided with the machine.

HydroSKY General Features

  • The best for long distance blowing.
  • Quick and easy change chain system.
  • Remote control unit
  • Built-in   hydraulic power unit  (8 liters of oil pressure per minute with Honda Gx270)
  • Different belt sizes for cables of different diameters.
  • Special gear system
  • Semi-automatic belt press system
  • Pipe pressure manometer.
  • Quick connection elements.
  • Optionally interchangeable pipe apparatuses of different diameters.
  • Safety protection cap
  • 2 Year service warranty
  • 10 year spare parts guarantee
  • Waterproof marine-contra storage box
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Technicial Specifications

Pushing Force: 0 – 100 kg
Pushing Speed: 0 – 180 m/min
Cable Size : 6 – 24 mm OD
Hdpe Pipe Diameter: 20 – 63 mm O.D PLB
Hydraulic Drive System :: 100 Bar (Max)
Using Features :
Honda Motor :  Gx270 9 HP Gasoline
Hydraulic Oil Capacity: (Filled by the user) 25 Liter
Connection System :
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hose (min): 25mm (1”): Compressor connection hose is not provided with the machine.
Operating pressure : 12 Bar
Air consumption to minimum recommended pipe diameter (at 12Bar) :
0 – 25mm : 4m³/min 150 CFM
26mm – 30mm : 5m³/min 185 CFM
31mm – 35mm : 7m³/min 250 CFM
36mm – 40mm : 10m³/min 375 CFM
41mm – 44mm > : 12m³/min 450 CFM

User Manual Honda Gx270

HydroSKY Standart Package

• Cable Nutrings (each cable diameter 5 pcs)
• Duct adapeter sets (Required your duct diameters)
• O-Rings
• 8mm-13mm Cable Bed
• 8mm-13mm Chain Set
• Allen sets for bolts
• Compressor hose adapter (Coupler)
• 14mm-18mm Cable Bed & Nutrings (Optional)
• 14mm-18mm Chain Set (Optional)
• 18mm-24mm Cable Bed & Nutrings (Optional
• 18mm-24mm Chain Set (Optional)
• Accessories box

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Video for HydroSKY

Photo Gallery for HydroSKY

Fiber Optic Cable Diameter Ranges

HydroSKY Cable blowing machine diameters

Frequently Asked Questions.

HydroSKY designed for bigger cables or multi-tube / cable blowing machine. If you need to more power for fiber cables we suggest HydroSKY. (Please contact with us for more clarification)

This machine can blow between diameters from 6mm up to 24mm. And each belt set can cover; 6mm-10mm / 10mm-14mm / 14mm-18mm / 18mm-24mm (We can produce up to 30mm).

If your cable diameter smaller than 6mm; We suggest MiniSKY or SKYJET machine. Because If you give more power to the thin cables, you can break your cable.

hydraulic cable blowing machine
hydraulic cable blowing machine

Price; There is big difference againist the similiar machines.
Quality; Over Thousand of satified customer.
Multi-Option; Our clients use hydraulic power unit seperatly (Drilling machines etc.) Also there is multi-cable and duct system on this machine. It means you can blow several cables or tubes with HydroSKY.
Hydraulic cable blowing machines

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