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MicroSky Cable Blowing Machine

MicroSKY is a machine used to blow fiber optic cables into HDPE pipes. MicroSKY cable blowing machine performs blowing of fiber cables between 1mm and 6mm . You can blow your fiber optic cables up to 100 meters per minute into microduct pipes. It works with an electric motor. Generates engine power with 220V standart EU electricity.

Recommended amount of compressed air for MicroSKY – 7bar / 1 Cubic Meter / Minute
Fiber Optic Cable Diameter Range: 1mm-6mm.
HDPE Pipe Diameter Ranges: Can be adjusted optionally.

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MicroSKY Cable Blowing Machine

Easily Replaceable Drive Wheels

Our MicroSKY fiber cable blowing machine has a sensor cable protector. Thanks to this, it prevents your cable from breaking against negative situations that may occur during the cable blowing operation. You will achieve quite successful results especially in your thin cable diameters.

The machine has drive wheels that are easy to replace. You can do precise control and blow your fiber cable easily. Two drive wheels for thick and thin cables are provided with your MicroSKY machine. It is easy to use and can be easily replaced. It is mainly used in FTTH and indoor projects. It works considerably quietly. Owing to its ergonomic structure, you can carry it anywhere easily.

Practical and Functional

MicroSKY fiber optic cable blowing machine allows you to pull fiber optic cables between 1mm-6mm quickly and reliably thanks to its easy and practical use.

Our machine, which takes the compressive force from the electric motor, pushes the fiber optic cable into the HDPE pipe. Small and light weight makes it easy to carry around. One person can operate the machine.

Microduct Fiber Cable Blowing Machines
MicroSKY Cable Blowing Machines details

Ready to Use and Installed Delivery

MicroSKY cable blowing machine is delivered to our customers ready to use and installed. Machine production is started by requesting only cable and pipe diameters from our customers. In addition, there is an extra digital measure device inside the machine.

MicroSKY General Features

• Forward / backward forwarding
• Gives the best performance thanks to its electric motor.
• Digitally re-settable measurement counter.
• Cable Protection System! (Sensitive cable protection secure your fiber cables for any damages)
• Quick installation.
• All parts are supplied with the machine. No extra parts required.
• 2 year service warranty
• 10 years spare parts warranty
• Waterproof Marine Storage Box

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MicroSKY Fiber Cable Blowing Machines for sale
cable blowing machines Standart Package microsky

MicroSKY Standart Package

• Cable Nutrings (Each cable diameter 5 pcs)
• Duct adapeter set (Required your duct diameters)
• 1mm-3mm cable bed (Front and Exit)
• 4mm-6mm cable bed (Front and Exit)
• Drive Wheel for 1mm-3mm
• Drive Wheel for 4mm-6mm
• Compressor hose adapter (Coupler)
• O-Rings
• Allen sets for bolts
• Accessories box

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Fiber Optic Cable Diameter Ranges

MicroSKY Cable Blowing Machine diameters

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