How to use fiber optic cable blowing machines?

Fiber optic cable selection for cable blowing machines!

The foremost step, fiber optic cable and blowing machines selection, is highly important.

First of all, selected fiber optic cable must be compatible with the machine. Your fiber optic cable must be compatible with your machine and have the desired power to avoid any damages in the fiber optic cable during the blowing process.

For example; if the fiber optic cable is 5mm in diameter, the fiber optic cable blowing machine you will use must operate properly with the 5mm fiber optic cable. Otherwise, if the machine is too powerful, your cable may get damaged or even broken and may be rendered useless. This is generally caused by the misinformation of operators, creating the perception during machine selection that “a more powerful machine equals a better machine”. This is completely incorrect and causes you to waste your money and time.

Fiber cable blowing machine FAQ
Fiber cable blowing machines

There are principally two things you must do.

1- Use a low-torque machine for thin fiber optic cables.
In this case, a machine can be selected for the specified cable diameters.
If your cable is 1mm-6mm in diameter, you can use the three following fiber optic cable blowing machines.


Fiber blowing machines; are different based on their functioning principles, but at the end of the day, they are all used for 1mm-6mm diameter fiber optic cable blowing processes.

2-Our solutions for machines increasing based on thickness.
If your cable is 4mm-12mm in diameter

3- Machine suggested for fiber optic cables of higher thickness;
If your cable is 6mm-24mm in diameter

4- If you constantly work with a thick cable and have a full-length cable blowing work;

You can choose the right machine for your projects.
You can see more detailed information on our machines through cable blowing machine details pages.

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MiniSKY Fiber Blowing Machine

Working with a single air motor. Fiber optic cable range: 2.5mm-16mm.

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SKYJET Cable Blowing Machine

Working with pneumatic air motors. Fiber optic cable range: 6mm-24mm

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MicroSky Cable Blowing Machine

Working with pneumatic motor. Fiber optic cable range: 1mm-6mm

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DrillSky Cable Blowing Machine

Working with drilling machine. Fiber optic cable range: 1mm-6mm

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