Cable Blowing Machines

DynoSKY Cable Blowing Machine
Fiber Blowing Machines

Working with pneumatic motor. Fiber optic cable range: 1mm-7mm

MiniSKY Fiber Blowing Machine
Fiber Blowing Machines

Minisky fiber blowing machine Works with a single air motor. Fiber optic cable range: 4mm-12mm.

SKYJET Cable Blowing Machine
Fiber Blowing Machines

Working with pneumatic air motors. Fiber optic cable range: 6mm-18mm

DrillSky Cable Blowing Machine
Fiber Blowing Machines

Working with drilling machine. Fiber optic cable range: 1mm-5mm

MicroSky Cable Blowing Machine
Fiber Blowing Machines

Working with pneumatic motor. Fiber optic cable range: 1mm-7mm

HydroSky Cable Blowing Machine
Fiber Blowing Machines

Working with hydraulic power unit. Fiber optic cable range: 6mm-24mm

     Points to be considered when choosing fiber optic cable blowing machine.

Telecommunication sector is groowing  with innovations with the developing technology and difficult working conditions. In this context, the fiber cable blowing machines in our experience is very important. Each challenge comes with innovation. You can easily blow fiber cables into the HDPE pipes.

For each cable blowing machine, if your cables are thin there is a machine with low torque for the thicker cable diameters, the higher your machine power will be. Let’s look at with more detailed information.

Hydrosky by Allame Makina
Hydrosky by Allame Makina

Blowing fiber cable diameters

  • DrillSKY blows fiber cables from 1mm to 5mm. DrillSKY gets power with the drilling machine and gives it to the wheels. Machines can blow up to 1500 meters into the HDPE pipes. If the thicker your cable diameter, your blowing distance shall be smaller . We should also note that the friction inside the HDPE pipe is very important. You should give more for better blowing.
  • MicroSKY blows cables up to 7mm. Working with air compressor one air motor and required torque. MicroSKY accommodates with all the features. It is recommended for fiber cables that contain higher than 2mm and higher diameters.
  • MiniSKY fiber optic cables from 3mm up to 12mm blow. It has one air motor. Power coming from the mechanical gear system, connect the upper and lower belt system moves simultaneously. This results in higher power for bigger diameters. As with all machines, high pressure is required for MINISKY. Fiber cable is blown up to 4000 meters. The recommended minimum pressure is 7 bar.
  • SKYJET fiber optic cables from 8mm to 18mm are blown. High power is obtained with 2 air motors. Two belt systems are driven by two separate air motors. The air motor operates with air from the compressor. Ideal for thin cables. Minimum 12 bar 10 cubic meters / minute air is provided. Blows up to 6000 meters of cable in one shoot.
  • HydroSKY it blows fiber cables from 9mm to 24mm. Works with 2 hydraulic motors. Hydraulic motors gets power from the hydraulic power unit (With Honda Gx270). With maximum power, you can easily blow through the biggest fiber optic cables. HydroSKY has own hydraulic power pack. Also you can buy it seperatly (only power unit or blowing machine unit). It can blow up to 6000 meters at one shoot. Recommended minimum pressure 12 bar 10 cubic meters / minute.

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