BG-fiber-eart-lights-allame-makina Microsky Fiber Cable Blowing Machines Micro Cable Blowing Machines DrillSKY
with drilling machine
pneumatic air motor
with pneumatic motors
with hydraulic motors
microduct blowing machine MiniSKY
with pneumatic motor
with Hydraulic Power Unit
SKYJET SKYJET CABLE BLOWING MACHINE SkyJET designed for fiber optic cables.
SkyJET cable jetting machines has two pneumatic air motors. Those air motors working with air pressure. That means you need to only air compressor for blowing fiber optic cables.

Suggested air compressor: 12 bar / 10m3 (For 40mm HDPE Duct)
MINISKY MiniSKY MINISKY CABLE BLOWING MACHINE Minisky fiber blowing machine Works with a single air motor. It takes the compressed air from the compressor and transmits it to the air motor and pipe. It activates the engine belt system with the air coming to the air motor.

It works with 7 bar air compressor and is compatible with all compressors.
HYDROSKY HydroSKY cable blowing machine HYDROSKY CABLE BLOWING MACHINE Hydraulic cable blowing machine (HydroSKY) is the most powerful machine in its class.

There is a 9hp (Honda Gx270) gasoline engine. Furthermore, it provides trouble-free operation with cooling and filtering system in the power unit.

With a capacity of 20 liters of hydraulic oil, it provides an oil pressure of 8 liters per minute.
SkyFIBERTech Choose Your POWER! Microsky Fiber Cable Blowing Machines Micro Cable Blowing Machines DrillSKY
with drilling machine
pneumatic air motor
Kabel Blazen Machine

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Easy use for blowing operation on site

Machines has own pneumatic and hydraulic power to blow up to 4000 meters one shot.

Generated big power with strong engines.

There is pneumatic and hydraulic versions that can blow fiber cables.

CE approved certificates for machines.

CE and ISO certificates available and approved from certified company.

Large fiber optic cable range.

Fiber optic cable diameters start from 0,8mm up to 30mm.

Spare parts available for everytime

Cable blowing machines manufactured our design and available stocks.

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Cable Blowing Machines for Fiber Cables

DynoSKY Cable Blowing Machine

Working with pneumatic motor. Fiber optic cable range: 1mm-7mm

MiniSKY Fiber Blowing Machine

Minisky fiber blowing machine Works with a single air motor. Fiber optic cable range: 4mm-12mm.

SKYJET Cable Blowing Machine

Working with pneumatic air motors. Fiber optic cable range: 6mm-18mm

DrillSky Cable Blowing Machine

Working with drilling machine. Fiber optic cable range: 1mm-5mm

Our Fiber Blowing Machines are powered by hydraulic extensions that helps blowing longer distance to be passed from one manhole to another. SKYFIBERTECH machine is used in a versatile way, making it very popular in telecom industries.

  • MiniSKY Macchina Soffiacavo

    Le utili macchine pneumatiche per soffiacavo le fibra!
    In tempi recenti, le persone sono abbastanza attente sul campo ingegneristico e sui dispositivi contemporanei.

    30 January 2020
  • Minisky

    Minisky pneumatic cable blowing machine is used to blow fiber optic cables between 4mm and 12mm. With its interchangeable belt system, you can provide fast cable crossings.

    14 January 2020
  • Glasfaser Einblasen

    Vezel blazende machines; zijn verschillend op basis van hun werkingsprincipes, maar uiteindelijk worden ze allemaal gebruikt voor blaasprocessen met een glasvezelkabel met een diameter van 1 mm tot 5 mm.

    11 January 2020
  • How to use fiber optic cable blowing machines?

    The foremost step, fiber optic cable and blowing machines selection, is highly important.

    6 January 2020
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You need to inform your fiber cable diameters and HDPE duct diameters. After that we will suggest right machine for you.

It depend on your project conditions. If all is OK you can blow up to 6000 meters with one shoot.

All of our machines under 2 years warranty.

We will give all needed parts with the machines. No need to extra parts.


Hydrosky cable blowing machine

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