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Allame fiber optic cable blowing machines manufacturer


SKYFIBERTECH is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cable blowing machines. Our machines are designed to quickly and efficiently blow fiber optic cable into existing conduits or into new conduit systems. We have a wide range of models that are designed to fit different needs and budgets. We also offer a variety of accessories and services to ensure that your machine is working correctly and efficiently. Our machines are designed with user-friendly interfaces and built for durability. With their fiber optic cable blowing machines, you can increase the speed and efficiency of your fiber optic installations.

Our company ever since its in corporation in the telecommunication sector has been operating the fiber blowing machine. Our company since its establishment until the superior service quality and customer satisfaction continues to be one of the leading companies.

Since 2002 we started to manufacture about the spare parts and their components in Kocaeli. We mainly; Automotive, Telecomunication and Industrial Equipments & spare parts manufacturing.

After six years we started to manufacture fiber blowing machines and spare parts in our Istanbul factory. Recently,

Allame Makina  was given the opportunity to assist a new customer in equipping a new plant with newly built equipments for Telecom sector. The request was for us to design and build equipment very similar in operation to their existing production equipment.

Now; we are specialized only fiber optic cable blowing machines and spare parts manufacturing. All parts & Design & RD in our factory and we developing 100% handmade qualified machines with our engineers .

Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine (Allame Makina), manufacturer in TURKIYE.

Our services include; machine spare parts manufacturing, a complete machine manufactures, stockpiling of machine parts, components or systems required the development of machines with the development of R & D activities are.

Our Vision

  • Profitable and sustainable growth to ensure long-term customer and employee satisfaction, and satisfaction as well as aims.

We export machines to over 70 Countries & 4500+ satisfied customers within 15 years.

Our Mission

  • High standards, quality service in the time of our customers to maximize customer satisfaction and respect the rights. Our products, solutions, after sales service we provide our customers with reliability and high business ethics as the first choice to be a company that creates value for our employees and our customers.

Our  Quality  Policy

  • The fact that customer satisfaction as a priority action in this direction is to provide products and services for telecom.

For this reason,

• Complying with the terms of the quality management system, to sustain activity.

• Ethics, values, respect and team spirit, and the potential to increase customer satisfaction.

• Improve the competitiveness of the industry by continuously improving staff satisfaction and education.

• Our employees, customers, suppliers long-term commitment to our organizations and institutions to increase non-cooperation.

• The provisions of relevant laws and standards to export to the framework.

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