Best Quality Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine

Best quality fiber optic cable blowing machine HydroSKY is a machine used to safely blow fiber optic cables between 6 millimeters and 24 millimeters through HDPE pipes up to 6000 meters. HydroSKY maximizes its power with the hydraulic engine (Honda Gx270) it uses. All the materials we use in our HydroSKY and all other fiber optic cable blowing machines are of 1st Class quality. Our machines, which we have designed completely according to the needs of our customers, distinguish themselves from their competitors in terms of durability and quality.

HydroSKY used in the telecommunication sector is a special product and has been meeting the needs of our customers for many years without any problems. With a hydraulic oil capacity of 20 liters, the HydroSKY cable blower provides 8 liters of oil pressure per minute. With its detachable control unit, it can easily blow fiber optic cables even under the most difficult conditions.

Compatible with All Conditions

HydroSKY performs the cable blowing process smoothly and quickly with its strong structure. 2 hydraulic hoses are attached to the hydraulic power unit and it becomes ready for use. It is very easy to transport to different locations. In short, HydroSKY can easily adapt to any environment in any condition.

Best Quality Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine HydroSKY


Ideal for Long Cable Blowing Operations

There is an extra meter counter in the HydroSKY machine. If you have a long cable blowing process, HydroSKY is the ideal machine for you. With this machine, you can easily blow your fiber optic cables up to 6000 meters. The HydroSKY design, which is resistant to severe weather conditions and difficult geographical conditions, attracts a lot of attention.

As Allame Makina, we always try to produce the best quality for our customers in each machine we produce. Our machines, which we send all over the world, are appreciated by our customers and we receive positive feedback. We continue our production without slowing down with the aim of producing the best all the time.

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