Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machines

The fiber optic cable blowing machines that we have produced as the Allame Makina as a successful engineering product are with you to make your job easier. Our machines can blow all fiber optic cables from HDPE tubes thanks to the powerful motors and quality materials.

Cable blowing machines blow fiber optic cables into the HDPE tube much more conveniently and quickly. Each of our machines meets all our customers’ needs by different cable sizes and with different power options. Our highly engineered products enable our customers to do their job better and faster.

Why Use a Fiber Blowing Machine?
You save time and money with faster and more reliable cable blowing. For this reason, employers and workers in the telecommunication sector need a fiber optic cable machine to do their work faster and more practically.

Contact To Us
If you need more details on our cable blowing machines, please contact us. Allame Makina is an important company in Turkey that produces engineering products and is supported by the state. By producing powerful fiber optic cable blowing machines, we enable people around the world to blow wires more easily and effortlessly. Let’s get in touch with us right now and make the best investment for your company today.

The price of the fiber blowing machine varies depending on the power and type of the machine. Just contact us on the contact form for our detailed product catalog and price lists. Our marketing and sales team will provide you with all the necessary technical information, deliver video broadcasts and answer any questions you may have about our products.

Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machines

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