Microduct blowing machine MiniSKY

Minisky pneumatic cable blowing machine is used to blow fiber optic cables between 4mm and 12mm. With MiniSKY interchangeable belt system, you can provide fast cable crossings.
If it is necessary to list the preliminary maintenance of the machine before starting the cable blowing operation.

1- Is there enough oil in the Festo conditioner? Is there accumulated water in the right chamber of the conditioner?

After the necessary checks are made, oil is added to the conditioner if necessary and the water in the right chamber is drained.

Why is the oil in the conditioner necessary?

Fİber blowing machine MiniSKY!
Fiber blowing machine MiniSKY!

– First of all, it is important to note that an air motor is essential for efficient. Trouble-free operation. Lubrication minimizes the friction inside the air motors. That ensures the highest performance of our fiber blowing machine. In this context, conditioner lubrication and engine oil are extremely important.
Seals Selection;
2- Nutring (blue gasket) used in fiber blowing machine is also important. If the correct nutring selection is not made, you will not get enough efficiency from the blowing process. Namely;
Let your fiber optic cable diameter be 5mm. The inner age of the nutring you use will be 1mm larger, ie 6mm.
3- If you are blowing long length fiber cable. There should be a minimum distance of 4mm between the pipe inner diameter and the cable. If this gap becomes narrow – the machine will stop after excessive friction between the pipe and cable after a certain distance.

Can you provide enough air to your fiber blowing machine MiniSKY!

Air compressor is an important tool for blowing cable. You should provide less or more air pressure than your pipe diameter.
Otherwise, you would not get enough efficiency in your cable blowing job due to excessive friction.

For example; You should provide minimum 10bar 2/3 cubic meter / minute air into HDPE pipe. Also outer diameter 20mm and inner diameter 16mm.

Key: Enough  Air, Less friction!

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