Microduct blowing machine

Microduct fiber optic cable blowing machines working with air motors. Just you need to air compressor that can blow easly fiber cables. It has strong body and powerfull design.
All parts and design produsing in our factory.

Mostly important air motors for designed MiniSKY machine for blowing microduct cables. Machine includes belt set from 3mm up to 12mm for fiber optic cables.

  • You need to minimum 7 bar air compressor.

Duct diameters start from 8mm up to 63mm. If you give us your clear duct diameters we can manufacture as your diameters.
Movement for belt set (same time) up and down.

No need to any extra setting when you change the cable diameters.

Setting air pressure for duct!

We suggest to our customers if you want to blow 4mm fiber optic cables into the 12mm duct. You need to supply 7 bar 2 m³/min air pressure. You need to give more attention if your duct bigger than 12mm you need to give more air into the duct.

  • Key: Bigger diameter, more air!
Microduct cable blowing machine
Microduct fiber optic cable blowing machine from Turkey.

Microduct blowing machines manufacturer from Turkey.
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