Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine

Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine. Given the rapid advances in technology, it is now nearly impossible to work with physical strength. Although nothing has changed much, machine power has become more inviting. Thanks to the fiber cable blowing machine, it is now easier to push fiber optic cables into HDPE pipes. DrillSKY fiber optic cable blowing machine works in sync with rechargeable drilling machines to gain thrust power. Driven by this power, it can force fiber optic cables into HDPE and similar pipes. 

What Purpose Does Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine Serve?

Let’s assume that we have a cable reel of 1,000 meters as well as a micro-duct pipe. We will blow one 3 mm cable into a 14 mm pipe. It is impossible to achieve this with manpower. But we can use DrillSKY and sufficient pneumatic pressure to eliminate friction and blow our fiber cables easily into the micro-duct pipe.  Our machine – DrillSKY – allows you to make such applications more easily and quickly. 

Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine


Why You Should Prefer Cable Blowing Machine?

You can save time and money with faster and reliable blowing. Thus, employers and employees do their best to avoid this process. But whenever fiber optic cable blowing machine is not available, the process will be snail-paced and exhausting. DrillSKY will allow you to blow and insert all fiber optic cables into HDPE and similar pipes. The most valuable labor in telecommunication emerged from the combination of machine power and human intelligence. 

What Are the Features of DrillSKY?

DrillSKY can lay all fiber optic cables of 1 MM – 6 MM. DrillSKY is powered entirely by an external hand drill. It reflects the power to thrusting wheels and blows to your cables with extreme pressure. DrillSKY reflects the power driven from an external machine to its wheels and brings you an extraordinary power. Time and effort are no longer wasted. Using the cable blowing machine, you can lay all your cables of 1 MM – 6 MM in a fast and orderly manner. HDPE and micro-duct pipes are the most frequently used type of pipes.

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