Fiber Floating Machines

Fiber floating machines that we produce are used by many companies serving in the field of telecommunication. We are proud of sending our machines, which carry out the process of blowing fiber optic cables into HDPE pipes very quickly, to many countries of the world.

As a result of the productions we have made for many years, we have continuously improved our machines and we continue to develop them day by day. We are extremely happy with the positive feedback and satisfaction of our customers in many countries of the world.

Our Fiber Floating Machines are powered by hydraulic extensions that help blow longer distances from one manhole to another manhole . Cable blowing machines that we produce with the brand of SKYFIBERTECH are used in a versatile way and attract a lot of attention in the telecom industry.

Choosing the Right Machine

Choosing the right machine is extremely important in our fiber optic cable blowing machines.
The fiber optic cable must be compatible with the selected machine. It must have the desired power to prevent the fiber optic cable from being damaged during the blowing process.
E.g; If the fiber optic cable diameter is 6mm, the fiber optic cable blowing machine you will use should work properly with 6mm fiber optic cable. Otherwise, if the machine is too powerful, your cable may be damaged.

You can easily blow cables with cable diameters between 1 mm and 24 mm into HDPE pipes with our fiber blowing machines,. You can discuss the machine you need with our customer representatives and decide which machine is suitable for you.

Our Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machines

We have 6 types of fiber blowing machines: MicroSKY, DrillsKY, DynoSKY, MiniSKY, SkyJET and HydroSKY.

MicroSKY: 1mm to 6mm cables,
DrillSKY: 1mm to 6mm cables,
DynoSKY: 3mm to 7mm cables,
MiniSKY: 2.5mm to 16mm cables,
SkyJET: 6mm to 24mm cables,
HydroSKY: 6mm to 24mm cables easily and quickly through Microduct pipes you can blow it.

Please contact us for other differences and different details between the machines.

Fiber Optic Cable Machines Feautures

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